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JAMMIN LIVE Sat. May 21, 3-6

JOIN us ONLINE for the #UNKNOWN with #DavePlunkett and #MAGICBULLETTHEORY with #DaveWilliams. EVERYONE gets a FRONT ROW SEAT!! BIG SCREEN or mobile device!! 3-6 pm #streaming #live from #longbeachcitycollege TV studio broadcast in *HD to the WORLD Wide web!!

SOUNDWAVE 2016. Fri. May 6.

This Friday. May 6= how to watch ONLINE around the world=. SOUNDWAVE 2016 9:00 AM – LBCC Jazz Big Band 9:30 AM – Saint Blasphemer 10:00 AM – 4 Level Interchange 10:30 AM – 11:00 AM – The Whereabouts 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM – The Sly Digs 12:30 PM – The Sky Catching […]

Something Witty Entertainment’s Hayabusa449 to Guest Star on Tonight’s Geeking Out

Tonight at 7PM on Geeking Out, we’ll be joined by Hayabusa449, co-founder of Something Witty Entertainment, the group behind the popular YouTube series Sword Art Online Abridged. Be sure to tune in here on or check out our Twitch stream. As always, be sure to follow KCTY on Twitter, Radio Flag, and


Join the FUN! PLEASE invite your Instagram Twitter and Facebook friends! EVERYONE gets a FRONT row seat– streaming ONLINE on every screen TV, mobile phone. Tablet! SHARE the links below to click on– then click “add members” and ADD each of your Facebook friends! Use # hashtags when posting. #Soundwave #LBCC #LBCCasb , #RTV #collegeradio […]

Two Headed Cat Is In For a Chat!

That’s right Patrician pirañas, the Downey based band Two Headed Cat is in the studio for some talking and listening. We’ll talk local shows, music, and how we’re all poor. Like the playlist well check it out on the Spotify. Want to see a local show well check this, this, or that out. Twitter • Tumblr • RadioFlag • SoundCloud […]


Welcome my lovelies! Hope you’re listening tonight ! I have a killer playlist full of hardcore ladies in celebration of women’s history month. Don’t miss it, tonight at 6pm only on KCTY FM XOXO -Rikaaubrey Facebook | Twitter  | RadioFlag | Tumblr


JAMMIN LIVE Sat @ 2 pm streaming ONLINE

. #CROWBABY. Saturday March 5. @ 2 pm join us for jammin live from the #LBCC TV studio Streaming HD video. @ also @ 4 pm reggae music from. GINGER ROOTS and the Protectors.


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Geeking Out Pays Tribute to Legendary Video Game Composer Yoko Shimomura

Tonight at 7PM on Geeking Out, we are paying tribute to one of our most beloved video game composers, Yoko Shimomura, with an hour-long playlist of some of her best work. With music from games such as Kingdom Hearts, Super Mario RPG, Legend of Mana, and many more, tonight’s show is bound to be a […]

The Patrish Gang Is Back!

Welcome back Patrician Patricias. We’ve got a stunning show for you today at 1pm. The Danger Mob crew will be joining us in the studio today chitting and chatting about their new event this Saturday. We’ll be talking about this crazy guy, along with this one, cool stuff Kendrick is doing, with this, this, and that. […]