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Rudy De Radio

Hey Garbinos come check out the awesome show today at 3pm. We’ve got Rudy De Anda live in the studio for some songs and a little chit chat, playing some great tunes, emails, and fun times. Twitter Tumblr RadioFlag Or send me an email and get stickers at Got a question, give us a call at […]

Doug & Judy, Population U

PopulationU. #KCTY. #liveMusic. -#DougandJudyRadioshow listen in— replays click below–

Got Some Deep Fried Radio

Hey everyone, once again it’s Dj Garbo with another show with yelling, emails, news, lastly some nice fresh music. So come and join me and special guest for some forced laughter and fun. Thanks Dad for that nice GIF. Twitter Tumblr RadioFlag Or send me an email and get stickers at

Mo Mo Raydeo

  Hey it’s Dj Garbo, the guy with that one show that has stickers or something. Back with an all new episode and if you miss it that’s okay, you can find a link right here. We talk about news that I pretty much copied from the internet. Once again thank Sebastian for that real neat-oh fan […]

JAMMIN LIVE, Friday nov 6, 2-6 pm ”” #BelmontBluesKings

#2-6pm #Friday, #BERNIEPEARL , #kawesomelater, #BelmontBluesKings, #KCTY, #DougandJudy, #liveMusic, #live

Time For That Radio Show!

Dj Garbo here, Monday November 2, 3pm pst with another funky show. With a music selection nicely aged like a fine cheese. With some news that doesn’t really matter like, Sufjan Stevens covering Hotline Bling, David Guetta recruiting Sia and Fetty Wap, Animal Collective releasing a 23 minute improvised jam, and more. So come join me […]


Doug & Judy, “Blue Desert” CD Thurs Oct 30, 8pm Scott Bowers

Thurs Oct 30 @ 7-8 pm entire CD “Blue Desert” Scott Bowers #DougandJudy radio #entireCD via @RadioFlag


Did I scare you? It’s time for Patrician Radio spooky edition. Great spooky playlist that doesn’t include Monster Mash. Have a fun Halloween everyone, be safe. Twitter Tumblr RadioFlag Or send me an email and get stickers at

Radio Time

Dj Garbo here. It’s that time again for Patrician Radio. We’ve got all sorts of cool music for you. Plus some neat songs from bandcamp like Eddie Golden III, Thy Squid, Sumo Brains, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Breatherrr, and Skyler Pia that you definitely support. Thanks to Planet-X Graphix for that awesome gif. Heres my dog olive like I promised. Twitter Tumblr […]

Time For a Thing Again

Today at 4-5pm Patrician Radio is playing music, again. A good selection of new and old jams. Some news that I didn’t write bootleg vinyl, death grips can’t stay broken up, the death of tower records, and adele. So if you’ve got an hour to kill, come check it out. Also thanks Sebastian for that sick gif. […]